Giuseppina Caselli, cultivating a passion for fashion and couture craftsmanship, in 1984 begins her task of producing clothing for women and, occasionally, wedding dresses, following every step: from concept, development of the model , to cutting and assembly. Her enthusiasm, her professionalism, the desire to make each piece unique and special relationship of trust and respect that you create with customers, give birth in 1996 the project "Le Spose di Giuseppina Caselli" with the opening of her own atelier in the old town of Città di Castello. Giuseppina's philosophy is to fully satisfy the needs of every bride, who wants to express and develop their personality, through a unique and exclusive clothes.

Le Spose di Caselli Giuseppina - Philosophy

Each piece is designed in the shape, color and pattern according to the demands and desires of each individual woman, leaving nothing to chance and following and enhancing the physical characteristics. Another important element, for the success achieved, is the careful choice of fabrics and materials. The considerable expertise gained from experience also with the foreign market and the prestige gained over the years make the atelier synonymous with design research and refinement. Moreover, today, the artisan production is increasingly rare and a creative workshop, where the brides follow the creation of their dresses, has a significant intrinsic value. During the year, "Le Spose di Giuseppina Caselli" organizes events and fashion shows, which are always expected with great curiosity and that produce a huge resonance in the region of Umbria. Following the fashion and the market, the atelier has become an exclusive brand with an ever-evolving character, a company that is growing and ready for new challenges.